The current distribution model is broken!

Your marketing team blasts product emails to a list of thousands of advisors every week culled randomly from your CRM.  Your internal wholesalers complain about making a hundred dials every day and simply leaving voice messages that never get returned.  Your external wholesalers rely increasingly on squeezing new business from existing producers because they cannot get in front of new ones. Sound familiar?

This scenario plays out every day like a broken record as asset management firms grapple with a harsh reality; the traditional distribution model is becoming less effective every day!

Today, attracting an advisor’s attention, patiently earning their respect, and ultimately winning their trust requires an entirely new approach. 

The companies that have aligned their sales and marketing teams to execute this new model efficiently are those positioned to grow in a digitally informed world.


…It’s Time For A New Approach



It recognizes that financial advisors live and operate in a digital world and that asset managers need to be there as well.

It provides a far better overall experience, and it’s more efficient and far more cost-effective.

We call it Digital Wholesaling!

The Three Pillars Of Digital Wholesaling


The strategy required to successfully implement digital wholesaling is called Inbound.

An Inbound strategy recognizes that potential clients are proactively searching for solutions to a problem that your product might solve. The Inbound challenge is to help those potential clients who effectively “raise their hands”, indicating their interest in your product/solution, by providing timely and relevant content as they progress from their research phase to their investment phase.


Digital wholesaling includes the adoption of essential technologies that allow you to execute on your strategy.  For your plan to work you need an integrated platform that not only optimizes these powerful tools, but also connects them seamlessly so that you achieve efficiencies across your organization. This is about deploying the technologies that Digital Wholesaling success depends on, and most importantly, it’s automating tasks that will save your organization countless hours and expense.


It’s about aligning sales and marketing professionals. The people component of digital wholesaling is about teaching marketing professionals that it’s not just about putting up a corporate brochure on a website, it’s about facilitating the experience that you want a prospect to have from the beginning of their research until they are making an investment decision.  It also means training the sales professionals to stop spending time on leads that aren’t qualified, and focusing on the qualified leads that “raise their hands” through the digital education process. Ultimately, it’s about training marketing and sales to think differently about their approach.

Meet Your digital Wholesaler

Works 24/7

Your digital wholesaler never stops working. That might sound ridiculous be as you begin to see inquiries, activity and responses to your content arrive at 3:00 on a Sunday, for example, you’ll will understand just how important this is.

Is Incredibly Cost-Effective

As mentioned, the cost to achieve an in-person meeting with an advisor today has been estimated at $500.00+. And it’s increasing. Because your digital wholesaler operates at scale, he can reach vast audiences with customized content and a fraction of the cost.

Gets You Meetings with Advisors

Because your digital wholesaler is tireless (and never gets discouraged), he is completely comfortable interacting with a prospective advisor ten times or more, just to generate enough interest for the advisor to schedule a meeting.

Knows the Best Prospects to Pursue

Your digital wholesaler is analytical. He reviews every single interaction with a prospect and responds accordingly, with timely, relevant and necessary actions that keep moving a prospect through their journey. 

Sustains Great Relationships

Often in the pursuit of new business with new advisors, wholesalers may on occasion neglect existing producers. That’s not the case with your digital wholesaler. He maintains relationships thoughout the conversion process and long after a new advisor becomes a satisfied client. 

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The traditional distribution model that asset managers have used for years has been turned on its head. Today, it about digital wholesaling, and those firms that commit to meeting the needs of advisors where they spend their time researching and finding solutions—online—will be the
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This guide illustrates why it is so important to transition your distribution approach and outlines the steps to make that happen!

In this guide you will learn:

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