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Designed to help you raise capital not overhead.

Unparalleled Expertise

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Unparalleled expertise.

John Gulino, CEO

Our CEO, John Gulino has spent the past 20 years in Financial Services and has held every role in Distribution. He realized the industry had not evolved and knew there must be a better way to raise capital.

Keith Kochberg, CMO

Our CMO Keith Kochberg spent 20 years in Digital Marketing focused on helping brands achieve quantifiable business results. He has worked with companies like Forbes, Dow Jones and Barclays.

Together they enable GK3 to speak two languages:

That combination provides GK3 clients and partners the ability to move fast and efficiently through a Digital Transformation of their business.

Not to brag, BUT…
We Deliver.

A Large Alternative
Asset Manager

Digital Transformation Leads to an Increase in Advisor Meetings and AUM During Pandemic

30,000 financial professionals targeted
2,150 leads generated
400 one on one advisor consultations
10% increase in AUM

Advisory Practice Consistently Generates over 200 Accredited Investor Leads Per Month

247% increase in website visits (from 2k to over 7k/month)
238% increase in offer downloads (from 13 to 44/month)
>1,000% increase in qualified leads from accredited investors (from 18 to over 200/month)

An experienced
Wealth Management Practice

And that’s why
Our clients love us.

The new digital platform GK3 created for our sales team exceeded our expectations… [it] will reach more than 50,000 financial professionals by the end of 2020.

Colin Cosgrove

Executive Vice President
Inland Securities Corporation

I have worked with John for many years and have trust and confidence in the GK3 team delivering innovative digital sales and marketing solutions to our business partners.

Craig Katz

Executive Vice President
Discovery Data


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